Modular Mini Mill for Capacity 3 to 5 tons ffb/hr
AVP direct steam injection digester, designed to digest and prepare palm oil fruitlets for pressing, come in two models - 3000 litres and 3500 litres to accommodate 10-tonne and 15-tonne screw presses respectively.
AVP highly efficient screw presses extract a high volume of crude palm oil from fruitlets with minimum breakage of the nuts.
The king cracker is a result of intensive R&D efforts. Designed to efficiently crack wet nuts with minimum broken kernels, this product has garnered widespread acclaim for its innovative design and superior performance.
- Trading of recondition oil room separator and purifier   (second hand machine)
- Recondition and refurbishment
- Dynamic Balancing
- On Site Overhaul Service
A compact production machine which make mechanical separations according to particle size through proven use of multiplane inertial vibration techniques.

Accurate separations ranging from 2" clear opening to 625 mesh (25 micron) . Eight standard models, sized from 18" diameter to 85" diameter are equipped with the epoxy or spot welded screens, and all wetted parts are built of stainless steel.

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